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I am a Jesus lover, exercise and nutrition fiend, mom of 3 beautiful babies and wife to my awesome hubby! We love to laugh, travel, and enjoy life!!

New Year


I am soo excited for this school year! First of all, I have two kids in “real school” which is soo great, and so crazy all at the same time! I pretty much have ZERO social life during the week because of it, but so worth it. I have to be at the school 3 times in 6 hours lol. Next year will be easier when both kids are all day. I am loving this new chapter of having more KIDS than BABIES! Which means more meaningful, in depth conversations at dinner instead of constant manners reminders and wiping up messes, getting to do more fun things that they will remember forever, and most importantly, kids that can wake up and feed themselves breakfast lol :). Ethan is still my earliest waker at 6:30 so I am up anyway, but hey I’m only making breakfast for 2 not 4 ๐Ÿ™‚


First day of 3rd grade

Kindergarten Belieber


Tonight we had curriculum night and I was blown away! I had heard that Westerville schools were good, but Jer has struggled ALOT the last two years with being bored and acting out a lot in class b/c of it, so I had started looking into private schools (too much $$ btw and homeschooling is just not an option since I don’t have the gift of teaching full time and I think school is a great part of childhood). Well, this year he was placed in an all gifted class.ย  At the end of last year I received a letter saying that he was testing at the gifted level, and that would impact his classes for next year. I pictured him leaving the normal class for reading and math to go to “TAG” or gifted work. Instead they clumped a bunch of the gifted third graders in one class that is smaller, works at a faster pace, and higher level. HE IS DOING SO WELL!!! I am so happy! He has yet to complain of boredom, comes home with lots of challenging homework for us to work on together, and is loving the competitive environment in his classroom. His teacher is very no-nonsense which I was apprehensive about at first, but now see he needs that more than a bubbly high energy type (ie me and his teacher last year). At the beginning of the year, like in previous years, his class started journaling. Well a couple weeks ago, I stopped seeing journals come home, and came to find out tonight THEY BLOG!! To me that is mind blowing!! MY kid, a blogger??? WOAH!! I can’t wait to get the info tomorrow so I can log on and read up! They do book reviews,ย  science research, as well as personal thoughts! His school is going completely paperless (also new to me tonight), so they are doing math “worksheets” and the like on Ipods! I think I’m going to be out tech-savvied by my 8 year old lol.


I have already talked to and met Ava’s teacher several times before tonight, but I got to see all their centers and work for the first time! I am crazy about her teacher b/c she is the sweetest, most energetic lady EVER!!! (but really are there any kindergarten teachers who aren’t sweet and energetic? Well, wait Jer’s kindergarten teacher was a 35 year old black guy who was super cool and I loved him b/c Jer loved him for his blackness….weird I know but seriously Jer would try to dress like him and commented all the time about how Mr. Wall knew how to do black hair like his better than I did lol). Anyway, Ava totally lit up getting to be the center of attention and give all of us a tour of her classroom and show off things she had written and created. We also got to meet her classroom pets, a hermit crab, two caterpillars (one who was in its chrysalis which was so sweet to see), and a beta fish! She also gave me a 5 minute talk on inertia while we were at one of the centers, which I’m pretty sure she learned about on Sid the Science Kid the other day and not at school, but whatever. Side note: (I want to remember this ALWAYS) I sing my kids the “I love my mom, my mom is cool, but now its time for having fun at school, YEA” song from that show EVERYDAY on the way to school before we pray and it drives them nuts! However, it also makes them laugh hysterically so a good way to part in my opinion :).ย  They are also doing new sight words every week, and have a reading shoe box which she made at the beginning of the year and they keep all the books that they “make” (color) and can read perfectly in. She is loving getting to be at school and have homework just like her big brother. I am loving how the mouthiness has toned down A LOT since school started. She talks all the time about how her teacher talks about being respectful of adults and courteous of when others are talking. Ummm haven’t I been trying to implement these for the last 5 years? Guess that’s why they say it takes a village, right?

Great start to the year, and I can’t wait to watch the two of them grow as it goes on. Did I mention how much I LOVE having one on one time with Ethan in the afternoons?? Some days he naps the whole time which is great b/c I can do a ton of house work and SHOWER and other days he naps before Ava goes and we play whatever he wants the entire time and I love being able to play and focus totally on him with no interruptions! And today I started Potty training. He’s been super interested the last couple weeks, and I’ve just been putting it off b/c I have horrid memories of trying to train Jer, so I just thought boys were later trainers than girls, but he’s acting ready and is super excited when he goes, so I’m going for it! Going to skip over the pull ups phase and plopped him right in big boy undies this afternoon and no accidents yet! I put him in a dipe for bed b/c really he’s way to young to hold it all night, yet. Could I really be done with diapers forever?? YES, PLEASE ๐Ÿ™‚

I am really focusing on living in the moment at all times right now, since I am becoming so aware of how fast these sweet babies of mine will grow up, and not trying to look too far ahead. I am reading the best book right now for the millionth time called “Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On.” Great reminder to dwell on the present moment where God has placed you and trust fully that He’s got the rest covered. We are to do are best with the opportunities and moments He gives us, and let Him handle the big picture! (not that we should be lazy bums, He definitely requires that we should work hard toward our goals, but I mean learning to not fret over the little crap that doesn’t matter.) It’s great advice in my marriage too! Just focusing on being with Wes when he’s home and not worrying about how long I have until he goes out of town again, or if he’s going to get any of the house projects done, just enjoying. ๐Ÿ™‚ Obviously, I don’t do this all the time and flip out over stupid stuff that I feel terrible for after, but a work in progress. ๐Ÿ™‚





Since it’s from a library book…..


Got a fun quotes book today from the library. Since I can’t keep it, figured I’d jot down my faves ๐Ÿ™‚

“Don’t be afraid to be boss. Children are constantly testing, attempting, to see how far they can go – and they secretly hope you won’t let them go too far…. Accept that there are moments when your children will hate you. This is normal and natural. But how a child handles hate may determine whether he will go to
Harvard or San Quentin.” -Ann Landers

“A babysitter is a teenager who comes in to act like an adult while the adults go out and act like teenagers.” – Anonymus

“The first child is made of glass, the second porcelain, the rest of rubber, steel, and granite.” -Richard J. Newsman

“Level with your child by being honest. Nobody spots a phony quicker than a child.” – Mary MacCraken

“If there is anything we wish to change in our children, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.” -Carl Jung

“All children wear the sign: “I want to be important NOW.” Many of our juvenile delinquency problems arise because nobody reads the signs.” -Dan Pursuit

NY/CT and God’s AMAZING Grace!


Just got back from an AMAZING trip to CT/NY!!! We were up for 2 weeks so Jeremiah could spend time with his bio-father! The visits have taken HUGE leaps in a good direction specifically over the last year (i.e. I stopped crying every time I dropped him off, stopped critiquing everylittlething that Brian did with him, and just focused on is he safe/happy), but MAN this year God just ROCKED my world!!! So 8 years ago, Brian and I were in the middle of a nasty custody/visitation court battle that went on for about a year and a half. Mostly I was just trying to do anything possible to cut this “bad” person out of my baby’s life! Looking back though, I realize, I had done a major turn around since I got pregnant, but did not give Brian any chance to prove he had too! UGH and I call myself a Christian! Someone needed to remove their own log, ya know??? (Matt 7:3) Anyway, this year when I dropped Jer off Wes got out of the car, and get this, TALKED with Brian for a WHILE, which made my jaw almost hit the floor. BUT it gets even better! I had only briefly met Brian’s mother once, and we were going to pick Jeremiah up from his mother and fathers house (Jer’s grandparents) on the final night b/c Brian was at a wedding. So I was a little nervous, since it had been about 7 years or so since I’d seen this lady and I wasn’t sure what she would think of me or what she knew about how bad those first years were! Wes came with me and we brought Ava too (Ethan was sleeping already back at the house where we were staying). They came out to greet us with open arms, literally, and invited us in! We stayed and talked for about 1/2 hr, and they praised Wes and I for how well we were raising Jer. NO ONE from his side of the family has EVER even acknowledged Wes, nonetheless complimented him!!! Then, Jer’s grandma came out with gifts for our other 2 kids, and wanted to take pictures and asked us to come back and visit when we were in town next!! WHAT???????? I was/still am speechless!!! When I got in the car, I didn’t even have the words to express to my sweet Jesus, how thankful, and undeserving I am of his mercy!!!! What a wonderful life Jeremiah will have! How great for him to see all of us come together!!

My sweet big boy

One of the Hebrew translations of the name Jeremiah is “risen from the ashes.” Risen from the ashes we are indeed!! God is so good!!

Anyhoo, now for the fun stuff!!

The first week, we stayed with my brother/sister in laws. So fun! They have a little boy just a couple months younger than Ethan so it was great to watch them play! We also went to NYC for a day! HIGHLIGHT! We parked in Times Square which is one of my favorite parts of Manhattan! I kept telling Wes how fun it would be to raise our kids in a walk up and all the culture we would experience. Then we passed the “naked cowgirl,” (which is sometimes the “naked cowboy,” and I took back my statement. I didn’t take a pic, but picture a 70 year old lady wearing nothing but cowboy boots, underwear, and pasties over her nips! Ava saw her and said “she looks out of her mind.” Yes! Good answer!

more "culture" that was picture appropriate and made ava laugh hysterical

We went to Toys R Us and got to play with a ton of cool toys, and Grammy bought some goodies for the kids!

Toys R Us Barbie house ๐Ÿ™‚

ava and her goodies

We also ate at a deli that Wes loves and I finished an entire 3/4lb bacon cheeseburger all b/c my hubby dared me to! UGH BLOAT! But it was YUMMMMY!!! And we got to eat upstairs where there weren’t many people so we used chairs and blocked off a huge section for Ethan to run around in so we could eat in peace.

NOW for the REAL reason we went downtown! CAKE BOSS!!!! According to the GPS it was only 15 minutes from Times Square, but in NYC driving time that really means 1/2 an hour lol. Hoboken is super cute, and I LOVED IT!!! We got in line (which went across the street and down the whole block) and waited for our turn to get inside! It took about 2 hrs to get in, and thankfully there was a big farmers market happening next door so my MIL went and grabbed food for the kids to occupy them.

Then, we got IN!!! It is literally shoulder to shoulder in people, even though they only let a certain number in at a time. Reason number 8423780245 I married a giant is for advantages in situations like this! He was able to see over everyone and let me know what was in the glass cases that we could order from b/c they expect you to know exactly what you want when they call your number! We got some cannolis, cookies, cupcakes, and few other random pastries, which came to a bunch of boxes for only $20!!! Super yummy and super cheap!!ย  I don’t think I’d wait in line 2 hours again, but it was worth it once!

Week 2 we were at my “family’s” house in CT! I have known them since I was in 8th grade and consider them part of my family! I love love staying there! One of my “sisters”ย  had an engagement party while we were there, and it was sooo good to be there to celebrate with them! The other one has a son who is within a few month of Ethan’s age, just like my SIL, and oh boy was that interesting!! lol Ethan and Isaiah have a love/hate relationship! They constantly “fought” over toys, and whatever one had, the other one demanded too!! SOOO FUNNY to watch them interact! The week was also filled with a murder of Ava’s caterpillar, and adventures finding new bugs to “love” lol. BIG event! I got Ethan to swim in the pool by himself!! He was HATING that I had to hold onto him and found any type of “baby holder” lame, so I busted out the swimmies and he was in HEAVEN!!! YAY!! I have free hands in the pool once again!

Ethan and Isaiah

We also got to have professional family pics done!! Aside from Ethan’s newborn pics, this was our first prof photo session ever! My SIL is an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to have some awesome pics hanging in the house (read 10X20 family pic! one of my long time wishes, weird, I know)

One of the best days this week was going out on my friend Andrea’s boat! I happened to have Jer for part of the day that day, so we were all able to go with her and her hubby!!! BEST DAY EVER!!! Tons of sun, laughs, swimming, memories made, and did I mention sun??? Everyone but Jer was a little tomato-looking by the end of the day! All 3 kids loved the water, and the big 2 loved getting to try out some “water sports!” P.S. This was one of two days during our visit that I had Jeremiah during the day while his Dad worked. He got done early, and I stayed on the boat with the other kids while Wes took Jer back to his house! I know this seems silly, but it was HUGE that Brian was allowing someone other than me (esp Wes) to do the drop off! AHHH!! God is so stinkin’ AWESOME!!!!

It was so bittesweet leaving!!! I could barely keep it together Sunday morning in church before we left!! I love all the people here sooo much!! I also think it would be so great to have Jeremiah be able to hang out with his Father and his family on a regular basis. Visiting only twice a year is HARD on their relationship especially since boys/men aren’t huge phone talkers lol. In our hearts, CT is where we want to end up, we just have to wait on God’s timing and see if/when He takes us there!!



On the way home from VBS tonight

Ava: Mom, I am so glad I’m going to live at home during college b/c all the cute boys are here!

Me: Huh! Is there a cute boy in your class?

Ava: What would you say if I said yes? I mean there are a couple, and one in another class. Really, all the boys in the whole VBS. Well the ones who are 6 and younger. I want to have them over for a party with a spiderman cake.

Me: Um, OK <big sigh>

I know she didn’t mean CUTE how we think of it, more just like she wants to be friends with them, but still scary thought of having this convo 10 years from now, FOR REAL!

3 Little Fishies


This afternoon we ventured out to Alum Creek beach for the first time! How have we lived in Westerville for 2 years and not found this gem????? WE HAD A BLAST!!! All 3 of the kids were in the water THE.ENTIRE.TIME. Even little Ethan screamed hysterically when I tried to take him out to play in the “sand”. (After about 2 hours of constant water, I managed to get Ava and Ethan to come up and play on the sand for almost a whole 5 minutes before going back in.) ย Ethan especially loved going in the deep water on Daddy’s shoulders. ย We had a great game of boys vs girls water football, and lots of being thrown in by Daddy. Icing on the cake, we met/found a local farmer on the way home with yummy stuff for super cheap prices!! Wes even bought some pepper and tomato plants for the backyard garden that has been empty the last 2 summers. They are already partially grown so we can enjoy them ASAP!


*For some reason some of the pics decided to rotate on their own, and I can’t figure out how to undo it grrrr….

Yes, I forgot his swimsuit, but hey better to forget the swimsuit than the dipe, right?

OBVIOUSLY Justin had to come along ๐Ÿ˜‰

First time in "beach" water, loved it!


Ethan thrilled that he "got" her


sand time

tasting the sand

not great, but apparently not too terrible since he went back for seconds

my big boys ๐Ÿ™‚



Some cute quotes from around here lately:

After Ava had a bed slat fall on her smack in the nose, we were trying to figure out if it was broken or not:

Jer: Ava, here, I know how to tell (as he sticks his armpit in her screaming face). If you can smell my BO its not broken.


Ava has a new pet praying mantis who she has carried around all day.

Ava: Justin!! He just won’t blink! I keep challenging him to a staring contest, and I always loose!


And from a preview ย that Wes and I saw out on our date:

“Having children, it’s…it’s like, it’s living with little mini-heroin addicts. You know, they’re laughing one minute and then theyโ€™re crying the next. And then they trying to kill themselves in the bathroom for no good reason. They’re very mean and selfish and burn through your money. And they break shit…” We were DYING laughing!!!

Midnight Rambles


This has been such a wonderful summer so far!!! We have traveled and played A LOT. We have also triumphed over some HUGE behavior quirks that I had been working on most of the last school year with the big kids (i.e. Ava coloring on herself/furniture/walls/basically anything BUT paper, Ava learning between stealing and borrowing, to put it nicely, and Jer’s work ethic). I have become more scheduled this summer than ever before in my life! I LOVE IT! Both kids have a designated hour of reading everyday plus 1/2hr of journaling/handwriting (jer) and workbook time with ย me (ava). Last summer I just had Jeremiah do his “required” summer work and left it at that, and the summer before that we were in the process of moving to OH from NC, and he did nothing school wise, so it’s about time I get my butt in gear on this summer schooling stuff. He is currently working through the entire Chronicles of Narnia series (his pick) and I have come up with some fun projects for him as he goes through each book! It’s a fun way to work on his reading comp and creativity! We also have a weekly schedule of chores and “happenings” on the black board….and get this, I have ACTUALLY stuck to it! YAY! The fights about chores are pretty much non existent since putting this in place b/c the kids know on certain days, they have certain jobs and it’s not open for discussion. They are loving the structure (esp Jeremiah who cannot STAND how I am always late, change plans all the time, etc.) and I am loving the consistent help around the house!

This week, I have just been overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness for my family. I seriously cannot believe God chose ME, a scatterbrained, disorganized, crazy woman to take care of these 3 sweet babies!!!! I am so lucky to be their Mom. And man, my hubby, how the heck did I EVER get him??? SOOO BLESSED!!!

In exactly one month, I will have 2 kids in “real school!” How time FLIES! I am so excited for one on one time with Ethan while they are away, and looking forward to being involved with the big kids at school too!

The last two days have been perfect weather! Sunny and breezy! We have spent a ton of time outside playing. Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon/early evening at one of our favorite parks. So much more fun this summer without having to be glued to a bench with a baby on my boob! I got to run around and play with all 3 kids! Here are some pics:

sharing the "king" swing

Playing the music game....kinda like DDR but jumping instead of dancing

I went to play with Ethan and came back and she was PASSED out!!!! Lately she's been falling asleep in the weirdest places lol

monkey ๐Ÿ™‚

Jer and "new" friends having BEYBLADE wars (basically it's a top with a "shooter" that they gave a cool name so they could charge you 8 bucks for it)

Ethan wanting to play with the big boys

proof of aforementioned coloring problem....I found this on my phone from earlier this spring which had a text to Wes with a detailed description of my feelings toward her coloring habits lol! So glad it's over!

P.S. I am turning 27 on Sunday and am way less than thrilled to be considered in my “late” 20’s not mid or early anymore….and today got a sign of the times during bootcamp when my back started throbbing like an old lady’s….OY! Better bust out the night and eye cream!!

Family, Tae Kwon Do and Elliptical


What a great week-weekend!! My cousins came down to stay with us from Cleveland Wednesday-Sunday. They are 16 and 13 but play really well with my two older kids !! Their mom had business here in Columbus Thursday and she and my uncle headed home that evening and the kids stayed!! This is our only family with in a few hundred miles so it was soo nice to connect with familiar faces again. Below are some of the great memories we made!!!! (we were also babysitting my friend’s dog for the week who Ethan was MADLY in love with , but no, NOTHING could make me crazy enough to get a dog again….3 different dogs who we have tried being owners to in the last 3 years,3 strikes,we’re out …..I only want one thing that pees everywhere at one time and for now that’s Ethan ๐Ÿ™‚ )

My baby girl at splash pad

all pooped out!!!

Ethan and his "love"

boys vs girls cookie making contest w/no adult help....girls won best look and presentation

boys mixing their cookies with ammo help of course....they left out a few ingredients, but theirs won best taste

When did he become sooo grown up????? Jer just being him ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeremiah and Ava started Tae Kwon Do last week!!!! We have been out of sports since March and it feels sooo good to have them channeling their crazy energy into something organized!!! And they LOVE being together in the same class!!! As soon as I can sneak in there and get some pics I will….for now I will just spend the hour and a half chasing Ethan around trying to keep him out of the classroom…..hey it’s bonding time right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally, here is my go-to cardio workout when I am feeling non-creative and just know I have to get it done!! ENJOY…PS be near a trash can ๐Ÿ™‚

40 minute Elliptical and Weights Combo Workout














At least 140











































Hop off, do as many push ups in one minute



Do as many bent over rows in one minute






Hop off do as many squat jumps in one minute



do as many switch jumps (lunge jumps) in one minute






Do as many squat presses in one minute



do as many shoulder presses in one minute






















*This part of the workout is designed to push you to muscle failure meaning no “pink weights” (at LEAST 8-10lbs for the bent over rows and shoulder presses). You should HAVE to stop and rest multiple times. As always, listen to your body and if you feel dizzy/nauseous STOP , walk around and hydrate! Also note, this is an ADVANCED workout meant for those who workout on a regular basis. Enjoy!! (If you want a toned down version, subract 10-40 from the speed, depending on your fitness level, from each of the speeds, 5 from each resistance setting, and use 5 lb dumbells (anything less you might as well not bother using any). Leave the cross ramp, that’s the part that works your a** off…literally). Last note, if there are “handles” or things that move your arms, FORGET them!! Let go until you can’t stand it!! It will force you to use your core for balance, and who doesn’t want better abs?

When you’re done reward yourself!!! This has been my latest obsession for post-workout treat!!!! It seriously tastes amazing and satisfies my sweet tooth so I really don’t EVER crave sugar, plus it’s got 2 SUPERFOODS in it that are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. In blender mix:

8oz milk (coconut, almond, cows whatever strikes your fancy)

2 c. baby spinach

1/2-1c. blueberries

4 large ice cubes

1 scoop ย vanilla whey protien Make sure it’s 100% natural so the only ingredient is whey with the exception that some brands, like the one I use, have BCAAs added which are branched chain amino acids that are great in aiding in muscle repair post-workout. This is because unlike other amino acids, which are broken down in the liver, they are metabolized in the muscles. Here, they can be used to produce energy or construct new proteins. OK enough of my nerd rant. Enjoy!

Nutrition Stats:

230 cals

28g protien

12g carbs