On the way home from VBS tonight

Ava: Mom, I am so glad I’m going to live at home during college b/c all the cute boys are here!

Me: Huh! Is there a cute boy in your class?

Ava: What would you say if I said yes? I mean there are a couple, and one in another class. Really, all the boys in the whole VBS. Well the ones who are 6 and younger. I want to have them over for a party with a spiderman cake.

Me: Um, OK <big sigh>

I know she didn’t mean CUTE how we think of it, more just like she wants to be friends with them, but still scary thought of having this convo 10 years from now, FOR REAL!


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  1. Um…. i don’t know which part I would be more afraid of, the cute boys, or the fact that she still wants to live at home during college, lol 🙂 I’m hoping mine want to be anywhere other than home during college (Except to visit and do laundry of course!)

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