3 Little Fishies


This afternoon we ventured out to Alum Creek beach for the first time! How have we lived in Westerville for 2 years and not found this gem????? WE HAD A BLAST!!! All 3 of the kids were in the water THE.ENTIRE.TIME. Even little Ethan screamed hysterically when I tried to take him out to play in the “sand”. (After about 2 hours of constant water, I managed to get Ava and Ethan to come up and play on the sand for almost a whole 5 minutes before going back in.)  Ethan especially loved going in the deep water on Daddy’s shoulders.  We had a great game of boys vs girls water football, and lots of being thrown in by Daddy. Icing on the cake, we met/found a local farmer on the way home with yummy stuff for super cheap prices!! Wes even bought some pepper and tomato plants for the backyard garden that has been empty the last 2 summers. They are already partially grown so we can enjoy them ASAP!


*For some reason some of the pics decided to rotate on their own, and I can’t figure out how to undo it grrrr….

Yes, I forgot his swimsuit, but hey better to forget the swimsuit than the dipe, right?

OBVIOUSLY Justin had to come along 😉

First time in "beach" water, loved it!


Ethan thrilled that he "got" her


sand time

tasting the sand

not great, but apparently not too terrible since he went back for seconds

my big boys 🙂


Some cute quotes from around here lately:

After Ava had a bed slat fall on her smack in the nose, we were trying to figure out if it was broken or not:

Jer: Ava, here, I know how to tell (as he sticks his armpit in her screaming face). If you can smell my BO its not broken.


Ava has a new pet praying mantis who she has carried around all day.

Ava: Justin!! He just won’t blink! I keep challenging him to a staring contest, and I always loose!


And from a preview  that Wes and I saw out on our date:

“Having children, it’s…it’s like, it’s living with little mini-heroin addicts. You know, they’re laughing one minute and then they’re crying the next. And then they trying to kill themselves in the bathroom for no good reason. They’re very mean and selfish and burn through your money. And they break shit…” We were DYING laughing!!!


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  1. We looove Alum! We’ve got the last 2 or 3 weekends, it’s nice because Cam will actually get in the water. 😉 Glad you all have ‘discovered’ it! Oh, and I lived in Westerville for way longer than 2 years and had never been! lol

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