Midnight Rambles


This has been such a wonderful summer so far!!! We have traveled and played A LOT. We have also triumphed over some HUGE behavior quirks that I had been working on most of the last school year with the big kids (i.e. Ava coloring on herself/furniture/walls/basically anything BUT paper, Ava learning between stealing and borrowing, to put it nicely, and Jer’s work ethic). I have become more scheduled this summer than ever before in my life! I LOVE IT! Both kids have a designated hour of reading everyday plus 1/2hr of journaling/handwriting (jer) and workbook time with  me (ava). Last summer I just had Jeremiah do his “required” summer work and left it at that, and the summer before that we were in the process of moving to OH from NC, and he did nothing school wise, so it’s about time I get my butt in gear on this summer schooling stuff. He is currently working through the entire Chronicles of Narnia series (his pick) and I have come up with some fun projects for him as he goes through each book! It’s a fun way to work on his reading comp and creativity! We also have a weekly schedule of chores and “happenings” on the black board….and get this, I have ACTUALLY stuck to it! YAY! The fights about chores are pretty much non existent since putting this in place b/c the kids know on certain days, they have certain jobs and it’s not open for discussion. They are loving the structure (esp Jeremiah who cannot STAND how I am always late, change plans all the time, etc.) and I am loving the consistent help around the house!

This week, I have just been overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness for my family. I seriously cannot believe God chose ME, a scatterbrained, disorganized, crazy woman to take care of these 3 sweet babies!!!! I am so lucky to be their Mom. And man, my hubby, how the heck did I EVER get him??? SOOO BLESSED!!!

In exactly one month, I will have 2 kids in “real school!” How time FLIES! I am so excited for one on one time with Ethan while they are away, and looking forward to being involved with the big kids at school too!

The last two days have been perfect weather! Sunny and breezy! We have spent a ton of time outside playing. Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon/early evening at one of our favorite parks. So much more fun this summer without having to be glued to a bench with a baby on my boob! I got to run around and play with all 3 kids! Here are some pics:

sharing the "king" swing

Playing the music game....kinda like DDR but jumping instead of dancing

I went to play with Ethan and came back and she was PASSED out!!!! Lately she's been falling asleep in the weirdest places lol

monkey 🙂

Jer and "new" friends having BEYBLADE wars (basically it's a top with a "shooter" that they gave a cool name so they could charge you 8 bucks for it)

Ethan wanting to play with the big boys

proof of aforementioned coloring problem....I found this on my phone from earlier this spring which had a text to Wes with a detailed description of my feelings toward her coloring habits lol! So glad it's over!

P.S. I am turning 27 on Sunday and am way less than thrilled to be considered in my “late” 20’s not mid or early anymore….and today got a sign of the times during bootcamp when my back started throbbing like an old lady’s….OY! Better bust out the night and eye cream!!


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